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10 Parenting Blogs from India to Follow in 2023

Parenting is no child’s game. As parents, you will have no written rules or foolproof solutions for your concerns. It is a lifelong journey where you keep trying hit-and-trial methods to make your secret sauce of satisfaction and happiness. There are only so many perfect ways to parent. Yet, there seem to be so many “experts” telling you what you should and should not do with your children everywhere you turn, and they ALWAYS conflict. So who should you turn to when you don’t want to feel alone? Where should you look for honest parenting advice and stories? 

Don’t worry. I got you covered. Understanding the pain of mothers, I have tried to compile some of the best parenting blogs in India where you can get all your queries covered. I think you will love them too! You must follow the right parenting style for your kids, knowing that all kids are different.

Here are ten parenting blogs worth visiting and following.

“MomJunction” -Founded by Sangram Simha, Veerendra Shivhare, and Chaitanya Nallan, Mom Junction is the largest community of moms worldwide. They post blog articles only after their medical review team has approved them. Hence, you can trust the information provided in the blog.

You will find tips on how to get pregnant, symptoms, and infertility in the pregnancy guide week by week. Apart from pregnancy, you will also find breastfeeding information, food, health, and nutrition tips for babies, toddlers, kids, and teens.

  1. You can also learn about single parenting, adoption, and baby products. A comprehensive parenting blog covers many topics, including pregnancy, baby care, toddler parenting, and family health. (
  2. “The Champa Tree” – The Champa Tree was conceived in May of 2014, around the same time the blogger’s son was born. It covers articles on Parenting, Motherhood, Real Moms, Vocal for Local, Recipes, Baby & Child, Art & Craft Ideas, and Product Reviews. It also offers a holistic approach to parenting with articles on child development, education, nutrition, and positive parenting techniques. (
  3. “Indian Moms Connect” – A collaborative platform featuring articles, reviews, and resources for Indian parents, covering topics from pregnancy to teenage years. (
  4. “Mama and Peaches” – Focuses on modern parenting, providing product recommendations, tips, and resources for moms, emphasizing the bonding between mothers and children. (
  5. “FirstCry Parenting” – Offers a wide range of informative articles on pregnancy, newborn care, breastfeeding, child development, and parenting advice. (
  6. “Kidsstoppress” – A popular parenting blog featuring articles, expert interviews, and event listings for parents seeking information on education, activities, and product recommendations for their children. (
  7. “Indian Parenting & Motherhood Blogger – THE CHAMPA TREE” – Provides a mix of personal stories, product reviews, and parenting tips, covering various aspects of motherhood and child-rearing. (
  8. “Mama’s Tales” – A blog sharing personal experiences, tips, and parenting advice, focusing on early childhood education, Montessori principles, and creative learning. (
  9. “The Moms Co. Blog” – Offers informative articles on pregnancy, newborn care, and baby development, along with tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for both moms and kids. (
  10. “Indian Parenting Blog” – A blogging platform on Parenting & Lifestyle. Join them to read some time-saving tips and inspiration for time-strapped parents who want to make healthy changes in their children’s lives! It covers a plethora of topics, including pregnancy, baby care, toddlerhood, and parenting challenges, providing practical tips and advice for Indian parents. (

These Indian parenting blogs can serve as valuable resources, offering a blend of cultural insights, expert advice, and relatable experiences for parents in India. What are you waiting for? Check the links and read some interesting blogs on these websites.

Happy Parenting!

Love from Soul

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