No gains without pains

Daily Prompt: Pains and gains

“If little labour, little are our gains:     
Man’s fate is according to his pains.”   

— Hesperides 752.

“No pain no gain”  This Looks absolutely correct in today’s scenario  Look around you. What do you see? Nobody likes Pain. Gain is that sinful desire that one aspires for without actually going through hardships of life.

Poor people struggling for bread going through daily toil and sweat, making enormous efforts to create more wealth, nurture their dreams, still not having enough gains. Do they get success ? Well, it’s a basket which is either half full or half empty.

Our nation is going through a major challenge of uplifting millions of its people who are below the poverty line. They need food, shelter, employment and education. Though there has been a rapid growth but the expected gains have not materialized despite gigantic measures undertaken by the government.

What about those who were born with a silver spoon? They need to think and realize that the nation’s growth is greater than their own achievements. We have to develop an attitude of helping and appreciating others. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility comes in. No individual should think about more gains without pains, the emphasis must be on collective pains to enjoy the collective gains. 

More happiness less sorrows, more research less competition, more unity less fragmentation will create more gains and less pains for the citizens of a country.The freedom struggle for Indian independence had a long list of sacrifices made by unsung  heroes. The cost of freedom being enjoyed by us today is priceless. It has increased our respect for freedom fighters many folds. Many of them were leading very comfortable and prosperous life. But they had bought pain to gift us the taste of freedom that we enjoy today . We must worship their sacrifices.  Similarly, the sacrifices made by the soldiers to maintain the territorial integrity of our nation would not be possible without hardships and against insurmountable odds.   


The War Cemetery in Kohima, India has the famous inscription, “When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”The Kohima Epitaph is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds and is thought to have been inspired by the epitaph of Simonides written by Simonides to honour the Spartans who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.






In the deep oceans of colours

Lying the epitome of energy

The colour of life and synergy

I woke up early, wait eagerly

To catch a glimpse of eternity

O Core of heat ,light and destroy

Your rays bring the blessings, joy

Light makes the white moon fall

Devil’s kingdom is set for downfall

Darkness eloped, good spirits call

I woke up early, wait for a bliss

Let me see the rise, not to miss

Sun rise brings hopes to each one

We have another day to live and love

It is luminous oldest mother nature’s son

Rudra, Shiva, Om, fire or call it  THE SUN

It is rising, rising high, Oh, what a fun !



You can overhear someone once but surely not over and over again. It happens at WordPress only that you keep on overhearing the conversation you wish you hadn’t. I don’t want to write again about the same. I hear no evil for now.

Talking in Your Sleep

Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation you weren’t supposed to? Tell us about a time when it was impossible not to overhear a conversation between people who didn’t know you were there. What was the conversation about? How did it make you feel?


You know what?…….

 Can you beat it?……

Ah, now I know ! My sixth sense always work you see…..

 Listen, please don’t disclose it what I shared with you……

That snobbish bitch and I trusted her so much……

Over the years I over heard above statements while people sharing the secrets in between expressing their grief, hatred, surprise, jealousy seldom happiness while traveling through public transport, sharing staff rooms or waiting for my turn at doctor’s cabin or at relatives reunions.

We both as a couple go to parties quiet often. Sometimes due to official commitments and many a times due to our personal engagements but in any case we like to meet people in social gatherings. Parties generally start in the evenings and continue till late in the night. The ambience is formal where one has to behave in a certain decorum, conversing politely, talking on general issues preferably, avoiding personal talks which is taken as a good etiquette in our get-togethers.

That week was full of social commitments with so many visits happening in the station and we were literally running from pillar to post to show our presence in all the events. Ladies were looking bored with little stamina left to stand and receive the guests, we all hoped like hell for the guests to sit and chat rather than stand and interact with all in small groups. Basically we all wanted to drop into sofas to relax for some time. One of the lady said morosely ” I guess she (the lady guest) will be in no mood to interact much and would like to sit.”  “Yeah even I think so. She must be tired after today’s sight seeing.” another one joined in.

Man proposes God disposes. It never happened. Eventually we kept on standing and smiling on jokes shared, sharing opinions on current topic discussed. Totally disconnected with the formal talks few ladies started excusing themselves for wash room. The room was big enough to accommodate couches and a sofa. I noticed that four of the ladies who went had not come back yet. I proceeded there and found these ladies speaking their hearts out. Though I restricted myself to overhear what they were talking but their giggles made me a tempted soul this time.

I over heard these ladies who were cursing their husbands for not giving sufficient time to their wives and kids. One was cribbing about not going on outings for weeks while another asked about the availability of her husband for evening walks. This one was really desperate to know when she enquired, “Are you folks doing it now a days? He comes back so tired by the time we hit bed, he is already snoring.” Oh! it was getting hot man, on the verge of getting personal so I decided to go back to join the intellectual group in the hall. Smiling in the head I stood gracefully to give my views on the topic discussed though still thinking about that dialogue which brought smiles on my face once again. 

What do you think they didn’t get time that night too? Well, party was over well in time leaving people with enough time to catch on things they had missed that week.

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August Blues305558_3958140119862_1109026854_n



“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so eventually as a kid I had no option but to go to a school.

Although as a kid I wanted to play, like any other kid hated the home works and exams. At the end of summer  I used to feel happy for so many vacations ahead.

Now as an adult I still go to school but not to bring loads of homework back but to give homework to my students.

In India the end of summer is basically seen as the beginning of festival time so I very excitedly look forward to get so many holidays to spent time with my family. Mostly during this time we plan our annual leave to meet our parents,in-laws and travel to exotic locations for recreation.

All in all  I can say this is the time to enjoy with friends as well as to charge our spirits. We refurnish or simply decorate our home for coming Deepawali, Navratri Pooja when we lit up our houses to welcome and worship our Gods.

Souls are happy , children remain excited, relatives keep pouring, gifts being exchanged, extra calories added due to sinful sweet sugary deserts or spicy snacks choice is yours. With monsoon in full swing and winters knocking the doors, days are full of planning activity wherein evenings are spent shopping and executing plans.

Biding Adieu to summers and Le accueil to autumn






Thanks from my Heart

Daily Prompt: Why? Thank You

What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?

Compliments compliments

so many come my way

Compliments on dresses I flaunt

Some on smile I wear with pure heart

Few on complexion, fewer on looks

Fewest on height for not being so tall                                        

Warm compliments on my home

How nicely I keep it, decorate it

Special ones from friends in school                                            1011521_10201249401145008_511669802_n

While they taste my tiffin, isn’t cool !

Sweet ones come from parents 

when they read my posts

Lovely ones from my brats

when their friends polish off cake 

I bake for them, I am glad

My husband knows how to pamper

There is a compliment suiting my temper.

 Male folks play safe when it comes to wife

I love all compliments as they make my life

Inspiring ones from my community of word press

Thanks to one and all to acknowledge my words

The best ones come from most unexpected corners

The one I got from a student ,a shy, timid girl

She came to me as I was bidding farewell to my class

“Ma’am I started liking your subject

since you have started teaching us.

I have never got a teacher like you before” 

Another came out and said

“Ma’am you are the best class teacher 

We have got, don’t leave the school.”

That was the time I realized 

they were too magnanimous 

Wasn’t that too big a compliment?

Children love unconditionally

I love them too so much.



These photos are in response to weekly photo challenge: Fray

Old order gives way to the new. Of the many meanings of fray one is tattered, wear out and worn off, nature provides us with best examples of fray where old leaves give way to the new. Here are some moments captured by this Spirited Soul who looks for positivity in fray.


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