It means a wor(l)d to me





A rose by another name is just as sweet

does it not sound like a famaliar tweet

The words we speak have a different meaning for different people;

Food is a dream for starved;

for overfed it is a luxury that can best be avoided tonight,

for some it is the fight for survival make both ends meet,

for others it is a desent from Gluttony.

GOD is omnipresent but still we search for him everywhere.

RELIGION is also misunderstood a lot;

for some it means oneness with supreme,

for others it is an opportunity to divide the world.

On a lighter side, the most used words ” HOT” and “COOL”

Thanks to social media where a stunning babe scantily dressed can be termed as Hot

at the same time as Cool

An Interpretation of perceptions of different generations

Words are just words but it opens a world to me.

the most powerful one is a SPIRITED SOUL to me.



  1. I loved the way you analyzed the words. I enjoyed the part about we think someone is attractive we may say, they are ‘hot’ and also, “cool!” Fun stuff here! Thanks for the smiles and I will smile back! Robin

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