Attitude matters





The Daily Post Prompt:  No lemonade

Each one of us has to deal with lemons

I choose positivity over devils and demons

I guess I am a hard nut to crack when I get lemons

I struggle to bounce back

This attitude is an outcome of constant prayers

I too had my share of unpleasant situations

Unknown territories,far away from home,posted to sensitive locations

Life has not been always bed of roses due to separations

Out of communication weeks together,no show in family occasions

Lost touch with many friends in absence of permanent addresses

Delt with egos, grievances, sudden outburst of emotions,

As a wife could not shy away with defence social commitments

I believe as the going gets tough, the tough becomes rough

I too found my ways and means to move ahead, it was enough

My issues seemed petty when I looked around, there was pain and agony

Poverty,illness,deaths,broken homes,sufferings of many

My heart filled with gratitude towards almighty

Lemons I got were far less,happiness,gifts in plenty

Enough was enough, no brooding and time to dwell

Nothing would have moved if I remained in shell

God has been so kind always by my side

He blessed me with inner strength, self pride

Come what may I remain connected with divine

I do charity visit orphanage feel calm and kind

Do my Karma, help the needy and declutter my mind

Lemons will keep dropping, squeze them fine

That’s how I lift my spirits and  soul shines.





  1. I enjoyed the illustrations and your thoughts about God’s gifts to you. I feel God has blessed my life, I try to show Him honor and give back to others, in His name. I am so glad you choose not to focus on the lemons, but the blessings in your life. Positivity, as you said, is a great way to live!

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    1. This is the only way I prefer to live my life……..I m thankful to God for every thing,,,family,children and of course wonderful friends like you and yes I whether I write for long or not but our association will go long way !


  2. Hi Rashmi…..expected another post from you this morning… was going through your blog and realised I had not commented on this one ,,, only “liked” it…

    Your attitude to life comes through in it very clearly, write some in prose too.

    I finally had to make a new post as the linking did not work at all on the earlier post. No idea why. As my new guru opined I did wait – for 13 hours and then gave up!

    Happy blogging … will chat on FB sometime reg our new mutual love… till then, take care and keep writing.

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    1. Since I use to write poems before blogging also might be because of that. I m so fascinated about poetry writing. Whenever I start writing I end up writing poems only. I will work on your suggestion soon.


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