You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role?

What I am suppose to do?

Casting director of a television show ?

Sorry this catch will not prompt me

Television is not meant for me

I would rather read a book      images-2

Hang my camera and click

Cook delicious meal for my kids

 Why will I change the cast ?

 I never bothered about the original

Comedy, horror, factual, fictional

Presenting the old repeated stuff

Just a retouch, a twist here and there

Old recipe served in new crystal bowl

Fake people, fake promises, fake stories

Fake emotions, deadly revenges, sick minds

Scheming vamps, tortured souls, loud mouths

Endless debates, unsolved mysteries, betrayals

Vulgar images, pro nudity, breach of trusts

Thanks and moving on, TV no, not at all



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