Digging The Immortal

On a crisp winter day Shuchi returned to her cabin totally tired, survey was done and the site was being dug for last two days. As an archeologist, Shuchi was never wrong in her assumptions and this time also she was quite hopeful.

The sound was loud enough to be heard by the architects who suddenly became aware of the situation, rushed towards the direction of the sound.

All gathered there, speechless, spellbound, amazed at the beauty of this marble wonder which looked like a ruined statue but the light and energy it was generating was something unusual for them.

They have stopped digging further, gasping for breath, looked calm, elated about what they just found, took it out carefully, hurried to show the marvelous stone they had managed to dig out, they might expected a pat on their backs by Shuchi.

Unchanging and transcendent
Unchanging and transcendent

As soon as she saw that carved masterpiece , got up swiftly from the seat, hold it into her hands, bowed her head and lifted it to let it touch her forehead, eyes moist, face glowing, throat chocked, she barely managed to speak,” Where did you find it ? I have been looking for one for last fifteen years, since I learnt about it in super Pranic healing and smart meditation classes.

She sat on the floor still holding that auspicious carved stone, symbol of divine energy in her hands, continued muttering,” You know folks this is called LINGAM which represents Shiva who was there when nothing was and will be there when nobody will.”

She further added,” He is formless, limitless, beyond time and religion. He is OM.”

One architect moved restlessly and couldn’t stop showing his knowledge about Lingam. Recounting the past in flat voice he said, “I was privileged to see the most ancient Lingam while I visited Ellora caves in India. The most wonderful monument ever created by mankind on earth is the Kailasa temple at Ellora caves (built in c.760 A.D). The Kailash represents the mountain abode of Shiva.”

Ancient Lingam at Kailash temple , Ellora caves, India
Ancient Lingam at Kailash temple , Ellora caves, India

” Wow this is something great.” I was pleased by the fact that 500 hundred years gone still my God was intact. The future generation could very well relate to our faith and idols.

Gazing down from heavens I said, “SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM”



Shuchi instructed her architects to build a small temple on site to establish Shivalingam which had been burried there for last 500 years. The fact is established once again that Faith or belief in God is unaffected by time. I was relaxed, started moving to share this good news with my husband who was busy chatting with angels.


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