Missing old times: Dog’s Perspective

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.


Bow wow ! The bark came from the opposite side of the fence of my garden. I tried to ignore it and continued reading the newspaper. After all PM Modi had done  terrific compaigning during  state elections in Maharashtra, I was keen to know the fate of his party. BOW…. This time it was louder. I looked up in irritation and saw two faithful creatures of earth, probably they wanted my attention. 

” What were you reading so seriously in the newspaper, Soul ?”

” It’s none of your buisness and how it is going to affect you.”

” We are looking forward to a change. We are interested to know who is going to make the new government.”

” Do you think it makes any difference to dogs ? You will be given same biscuits to eat and the shampoo too will remain the same.” 

” Soul, You are contented with whatever limited possessions you have, that doesn’t mean we are too.” We have to grow out of this poverty.  Gosh ! What life we were leading few years ago!!! We went for world tour on cruises during vacations with our master and his family. We were treated to best of Pedigree stuff with every jump in Sensex, we miss the fantastic time  we had with some bitch in heat during family night outs.”

” So Who’s stopping you and your spoilt tycoon master to splurge into luxuries of life? “

” The slow down in economy coupled with Sensex crashing with a big thud – how the hell you think we would have a ball of a time?  Master is most worried about his portfolio whose valuation has reduced to half. No new avenues for expanding business, no product launch parties, lukewarm profits, climbing inflation, has made our life miserable. We heard him saying last night,” It would be better if BJP( PM’s party) wins this time so that centre and state start working in a co-ordinated manner and probably things will start moving at least.”

” That’s why you wanted me to tell the predicitions made by TV channels and newspapers., right?” Well, it seems there is good news coming your way.”

“Oh, really ? Bow…. Wow….. Party time ahead” dogs were really happy to hear the piece of information given by me. I was relieved to get my peace back as the canines were contemplating good future ahead for the time being.

Reverse Shot/ The Daily Post


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