My Perception

Today equality rather inequality is overhyped and over debated topic, I have been teaching this topic for donkey’s years to higher secondary students therefore don’t feel like writing essays or discussing it anymore. Huh.

I don’t have much to say as it is people have said more than enough, covered every aspect, shown their pleasure or displeasure over it. Let me put it in a different way.

God had made us equal. He was not at all aware of cast, creed, religion, gender, rich, poor etc.

We created problems for us and later on realized it was one of the most challenging and sensitive issues to tackle so far.

We are equals. How amazing we are looking together ! People from all over the world sitting and enjoying together.

Inequality? Doesn’t prevail here. Prejudice? What is that? Never heard about it. Reservation of any kind?  I don’t think so…….


All are art lovers, excited to be here in the city of Tribals, Nagaland, feeling great. Brits, Americans, Indians, tribals, professionals, photographers, tourists and many others from different countries are part of this equality. I am one of them 🙂


Why can’t we stay like this forever…….

A world of equals, no bully and quarrels……

Create a place ideal for love, no barriers…….


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