And I Forgot…..

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

So cool ! I was in a movie, enjoying for a day

First voyage of TITANIC, night was young and gay

Ooh la la ! Got a chance to feel Haute Couture

Moved like a star, wearing make up, flowing gown

High heels, flashy diamonds, a tiara fixed on my crown

Stunning interiors, grand ballroom so dreamy

I got carried away, made love so passionately

Suddenly I realized it was not my world

Which was this movie? Why I was here?

I just forgot to go back, I did not belong here

A big iceberg on the way, better to jump out to reach out there




    1. Haha…. Thanks for the tag. That was the movie which left an impact on my mind and the last scene when she called ‘ Jack, Jack’ , there was no response made me numb. Jack was no more, it was too tragic. Kate was like a goddess, so pure, innocent and extremely beautiful. A true classic !


  1. hi…when I thought of my response to this prompt…this is the first movies that came to my mind…especially for the love of yound leonardo di caprio 😉 But then I thought of the shipwreck and back out …lovely post with subtle humor !!

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