BUSY….. Thy Name Is Soul

Out Of Breath


Just tried to play with colors ! Rangoli was made to welcome Goddess Laxmi

What a busy week it has been ! Gosh  ! I was moving like a spin in all the directions for last two months. No time for Halloween !

Setting up a new home in a new station, get to know the name of the markets as well as roads, getting children’s admissions done, finding a new maid, doing up the lawns……..and finally when I thought I was firmly settled, the busiest time of the year was just around the corner, the festive time had already knocked upon my door.There was a long trail of festivals, one after the other, as if it was less to keep pace with, there were so many official visits in the station where I had to accompany my dear husband.

In a nut shell I have been crazy, busy, busy, busy woman with hectic schedule to cope up with for last couple of months.

Busiest days?  Yes, these were …..not been able to get in touch with you all for last couple of days.

We had our major IMG_1365festival ‘ Deepawali’ and we celebrated it with great enthusiasm. The preparations kept me on toes, lot of patience and time was required to add color to festivities. The hectic pace of events were compounded by the fact that I was in a new place aka “Station” where major part of my time was spent on searching the right shop-just the right place to buy the goodies.

‘ Just Dial‘ was a great help to know the city better, I could save time for other things!

In fact against all my wishes that I should be the first one to inform my friends on the “Festival of Lights – Deepawali”, the speech from President Barack Obama has stolen the thunder.

Now the whole world knows the place and significance of Deepawali for an Indian & that’s what I am. Here are few images depicting the spirit of Deepawali….. Enjoy the festival of lights 🙂

Foot prints of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth at the entrance gate made by me
Colorful lanterns
All dressed up for Deepawali 🙂




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