Crescent Line and white world

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?


One fine day I got up to see a world without color

It was snow till horizon, no red, yellow, purple

Oh, my goodness what a view ! just unforgettable

Nature has so much to offer, beauty unparalleled

My soul was recharged, my spirits uncontrollable

I realized God has created colors to add flavor

Otherwise also this earth is a heaven to savor

White looked so pure and divine in behavior

No shades of grey, interior was similar to exterior

It was a color of peace, positivity, a life booster 

If I had given one object to keep it’s original hue

It would be silver Moon, to add light, it is  true

Crescent moon would bless the earth, erase the dark

 It would bring much needed solace, add the spark


Local Color


      1. Three days of acclimatization is necessary at the base camp to reach there. At times one feels breathlessness due to less oxygen. That’s why this is not a tourist place. Ideal for adventurous souls. 🙂


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