Golden key? I’m on ferry ride

I saw the prompt. Oh no ! a golden key which I am not sure whose it is.

Do I want to open a locker or a room or one building which is not in my access otherwise? Won’t I look like a thief?

Why should I bother myself to explore the unknown territory, moreover its none of my business to open the locker which doesn’t belong to me.

I am happy with what I have. That day I wore golden shoes with golden sari .

I have golden ear rings to match with golden neck piece which looks elegant.

I stuck gold when I got married to a tall, dark, handsome man though he doesn’t speak much.

My two sparkling golden gems, my brats made me richer than before.

Still on Wordy’s suggestion I grabbed the golden key and went for a ferryboat ride.


 We have been flowing in Brahmaputra, Assam since yesterday evening though we stopped in between for short breaks, I managed to get some time to write few lines. I am told the island looks beautiful with golden harvest.  It is known as wetland of Mising tribes. They grow a kind of sticky brown rice which is used to make rice pan cakes called ‘Pitha’. They are expert in rice fermentation, the rice beer made by tribals is refreshing and light to consume, good for digestion.

I can see the rich paddy harvest !!! The key is still with me which I came to know is to the king’s wealth !


It is time to board the ferry once again for a final ride. Can’t wait to see the river island, need to click some more pics of this amazing place. Coming back to the prompt it actually seems an old one with new golden touch. Anyway the island is near, the tall green trees are looking so welcoming. What a naturally cool place ! Quite and away from the madness of civilization. Isn’t it?



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