Cherry Blossoms: An Inspiration

Wow ! What else could I ask for? I was having the guilt and then I was grateful too. How? You will come to know once you read this post which I wrote for yesterday’s prompt and it suits Grateful and Guilty too. 🙂

Soul n Spirit

Man proposes God disposes

This is the thought which came across my mind when I sat in front of my computer to check the daily prompt yesterday evening. OMG !!! I was out of connectivity again. I checked my landline telephone which was silent, infact dead silent! As a result my broadband stopped responding and I was cut off from the e-world. By no means I was able to check the latest prompt. Grrrr….I was upset for not reading the responses of my favorite blogs, sad for not knowing what to write, prayed for early morning action from telephone department and went off to sleep 😦

Thankfully my prayers were well received. Hey ! I got my lifeline back 🙂 I wondered how I was surviving few years back with no internet services at home. Even now we keep on facing the problem of poor connectivity, I think this…

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