A Story For The Hearers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Spinning Yarns.”

All my stories started with ‘Once upon a time……’

Then off course I used to tell what was fine

Engaging tiny tots in an imaginary worldimages-46

Not easy if I didn’t include what they felt

Alex’s fears, Rahul’s wishes, Lucy’s dreams

All weaved in delicate colorful yarn of words

Telling stories of their interest, challenging it was 

A good story was always a story of hearer, true it was

Princess had to be pretty,  prince was charming, tall

Angels, fairies all made a beautiful world, dreamy yet small

As a teacher I had to play a mom, friend and a story teller

The only condition, the stories made learn, groom hearers

Lots of puppets, props, fun and acting made my kids happier

A good story- teller has to spin yarn of dreams, wishes of hearer


Published by

Soul n Spirit

I AM A spirited SOUL !!!! A happy, cheerful and positive one.

13 thoughts on “A Story For The Hearers”

  1. This is my most favorite part of teaching…kids love stories…and grown ups too, although they don’t say it. Many a parent has lingered in my room to hear the end of a story. I see the puppet in the picture…it’s so cool how much they love puppets, even when I am not good at it! It’s the pure magic and the joy and wonder of children. Keep spinning my friend…keep spinning. Marie

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