Uncle Bob by Default, It’s Me


Hey ! What has happened why are you huffing and puffing?

Miss, Tom and Nicky are fighting badly, boxing and kicking

They were eating their tiffins, argued, shouted, now grappling

Tom grabbed Nicky’s collar, Nicky brawled, both went rolling

Girls passed comments, seniors hooted while juniors were clapping

We  intervened but in vain, threatened them, there was no stopping

We felt helpless thus came to you, Miss please go stop them fighting

I was shocked, felt like Uncle Bob, rushed to sort out the differences

Why I have to be dragged every time  in children’s nuisance and tiffs

 We teachers have to behave like consolers, counselors, arbitrators

Here I come, “Nicky leave Tom, Tom stay away, both of you come to office

What went wrong? Forgot all manners? This is what I taught you? Say sorry

Nicky simply said to Tom


That was the end of my role as Uncle Bob.


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