Daily Prompt: Electric Surge was not easy to Fix

Power Electric Plug
Yesterday I faced a destructive power surge
My blogging world came to a stand still……
Few seconds before I published my morning post. 
Love of a parent was the beautiful topic to relate
I published two posts, quickly opened the reader to affiliate
Within a second I realized there were spikes in voltage
Good grief voltage dipped?  I jumped from the chair

Reacted fast and switch off the appliances
We have voltage protector still I had apprehensions
Surge came through the incoming electrical service line
And damaged my internet modem……. I sighed
Telephone charger, TV, adapter were next in line
In no time I was mercilessly cut off from my e-world
I felt frustrated, cursed the electricity department
My fingers itched to type on computer for fulfillment
After 28 hours I am again connected to the community
So many pending comments, I have to reply quickly
The reader is full of new posts, I want to read surely
Though it was not an easy fix but I am feeling right now
I was disturbed since things were brownouts at my end
However………………… “All was right in the world”


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