Enough was not enough


Today I had a bad day.

I found that my Mac charger too got damaged in yesterday’s power surge

This was the most shocking thing to me

I can live without TV, without mobile

But without my mac how will I survive?

I tried in all the shops but hard luck, I have to get it delivered from Delhi or Mumbai

Not many shopkeepers keep accessories of mac here in this city

I want to shout, enough was not enough 

That my lifeline is lying dead in front of me

Something has really gone wrong

I am not able to do my blogging smoothly

Why I am behaving like a daily prompt

one day it is there other day it is not

One day I can connect other days I can’t

Good God bless me with continuity

Let me equipped with my fav gadgets

To write and meet my friends

This laptop is so slow to perform

I doubt I would be able to make some noise 

You can read my power surge story here




    1. Unfortunately we have only one. My husband is having Dell laptop which behaved quite dull yesterday or it seemed to me coz I am addicted to mine. I am after him to buy one more. Hopefullu my son will send me a new charger soon from Mumbai.

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