No,Thanks: Who wants to come here?

When I was a child I was told about heaven and hell
Good spirits go to heaven and hell is evil’s dwell
I would have definitely chosen hell as a place
They would throw me in hot oil , let me not chase
But with age I understood the secret of life
Heaven and hell both are here on earth, right?

It is our karma who decide which way to go
So today my answer is not hell, I know
This world is beautiful, follow good principles
Need to select one, I am scared of hospitals
 Feel weak, heart beat fast, sadness sets in
Deadly wards, wounded bodies, hopes sink
Only ward is lively where a new born arrives
 Family eager to go home as baby open eyes    
I have immense respect for doctors and nurses
Who perform the noblest deeds to serve the sick
What about few greedy monsters hidden under white coats?
May God give them good sense to be honest to the core
I wish this world to be disease free, where no one is sick
Where people have this power to heal themselves quick
Where the soul is free and spirits high, no sharp needles to prick!



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