Proud of me? Let me recall…..


 I admired my plants, took a sip of herbal tea…. cool breeze was playing with my locks, my younger one was busy in getting a perfect somersault. I didn’t hesitate to capture a moment in my camera. In the meanwhile daily prompt appeared and I sighed….It said

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

 So far it has been my good fortune to feel proud of…..

  • My students- for giving me good result and emerged as an educated, well groomed, disciplined lot at the end of the session.
  • My kids- for giving me so many moments of taking pride in them.
  • My parents- for bringing me up as a good human being.
  • My husband- for loving me unconditionally and genuinely.
  • My friends and family- for giving me a sense of security and wanted.

There might be few occasions when someone related to me probably felt proud of me. Neither he made it  so obvious nor I expected it while performing my roles as a mother, daughter, wife or a sister. I did my things honestly, received the same in return as a reward.

Yes, I remember when we had some guests for lunch and how they went gaga over our garden. My husband was happy to receive compliments for the variety of flowers we had. I could see something in his glowing eyes as if he wanted to tell me,” Hey, I am proud of you !”  Ah, What weird ideas I am having. He must had been trying to convey, ” Look, they all liked our garden. Didn’t I convince you to take a ground floor house so that we can grow something.” Huh !

Anyway if I have touched the topic then let me share yesterday’s post where I explained the complicated method of water garden for dummies. It seems my few fellow bloggers missed it reading last evening ( India receives prompt in the evening) Who knows anyone of you feel so happy after reading it and leave a comment for me……”I am proud of you !”

Planting a water garden for dummies


  1. I read about your water gardening, but we would not be allowed to submerge our ground floor appartment garden under water. I am sure there would be a few objections from some of the neighbours. I can be glad that my felines can roam around without having a set path to follow. and of course you can be proud of your garden etc. etc.

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    1. Swiss laws are strict or may be I feel so. You often talk about the concern of your neighbors. In India scene is bit different. We have more laws on paper, less on ground. Creating a space here and there is not much of a problem if you are living in an independent house. Permission is required if living in a society that too in metros. You are a king in small towns etc. etc. Thank you.


  2. This post describes love and ‘bliss’ with the special words you chose, S n S. I am so glad you have happy escape into a garden and a great family to share your time with. You deserve happiness! Smiles, Robin


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