They look so FRESH !

Dp Photo Challenge: Fresh

While I was recovering, I spent most of the time with my parents who had come from Delhi to stay with us for few days.  I happened to click these beautiful flowers which can be seen in front of my house and around the colony.


I don’t know the name of this wonderful species, will try to check on internet. Very similar to Amherstia or Pride of Burma.

If anyone of you know about these amazing flowers, please do share it with me. They look absolutely beautiful and fresh !


Hope you enjoy my choices of photos which in my opinion very well express something fresh. They look best both at the time of sunrise and sunset.


DP Photo Challenge: My kind of Orange

What’s not to love about orange? It’s vibrant. It’s cheerful. It makes a statement. It’s the perfect punctuation for a punchy photo.

Bringing you a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color, or provides a bold highlight. Here is my entry for this week’s theme punchy pops of Orange

All I can think of writing few words….

 Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).


I am sick 😦 not well. Attended a wedding last week, had viral fever, took medicines and slept for almost six hours, got up in the morning with terrible neck pain ! Oh my God, it was paining like hell….A kind of tingling or shooting pain. Left side of head and neck was absolutely normal but the right hand side was so stiff. I could feel lymph nodes around my ear and neck. I thought I had slept in the wrong position that’s why had a sprained neck but within no time I had blisters on my chin that too on the right hand side. As I rubbed since it was itching, I had few more on the outer side of my right ear. I quickly went to skin specialist who broke the news to me that I was suffering from Herpes. I never had chicken pox so this was a kind of viral infection which I had never  experienced before. I was told to take complete bed rest. Since it was effecting my mandibular nerve so I just could not think of writing and reading both. Thank God I immediately showed to doctor so it did not aggravate otherwise it could have been worse.

The drugs had sleepy effect and I have been not able to comb or wash my hairs because of acute pain in that part of skull. Today is the ninth day, My seven days antibiotic course is over. Feeling much better now. I would like to blog for whole day if guaranteed not to again fall sick. If nothing will happen then I’m in ! 

This post is just to tell my dear blogger friends, readers and followers who must be missing me as much I am missing them that I will catch you all soon. I may not write daily but yes I have recovered enough to read my favorite blogs. I missed many events here and will be back soon with full swing……Take care and have a good day 🙂


A lot can happen over a TEA ! Never MET HER. Staying so far still feel so close……I am overwhelmed, touched by this lovely gesture of Marilyn Armstrong. Thanks for this love.

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

For Rashmi Kashyap of Soul n’ Spirit, this post is for you.

I don’t remember exactly when, but a while ago … a month? two? It’s hard to keep track of time. I mentioned in a post how difficult it is to get good tea in the U.S. It isn’t impossible, of course. If you have sufficient resources, you can get anything.

Ordinary folk are limited to local shops and the ubiquitous Internet. The problem is not that tea (in general) is not available. It is quality tea, fresh tea, which is nearly unobtainable. By the time we get it, it’s old. Tired. Teabag tea is not tea. I’m not sure what it is.

tea pot, tea canister, tea

I’m sure there are sources for better tea, especially in cities which are home to large Asian communities. But not here. In this part of New England, items people can find routinely in shops elsewhere, are unavailable.

We won’t starve. Beef, chicken, some fish. If you want something more exotic…

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