Copper Blurring Iron Rods

Here is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur and One Word Photo Challenge: Copper

While coming across this construction site yesterday, I found these iron rods an interesting subject for photography. They were looking copper in color under the sunlight, I clicked few and finally when I checked the result and found that two of my photos were blurred. The rods were out of focus but still it was not at all bad. It had a different feel.


    1. The rods were actually used for making strong load bearing pillars in order to make a fly over. The rods were of iron but they looked copper colored under the sun. Copper is the theme of Jennifer wells photo challenge.


    1. Oh, you are not the only one who asked about the pic. I found this one on Google and yes, I will take little credit to photoshopped it and gave some extra effects. This photo is praised by all who visit my blog that’s the reason I don’t change it. Thanks for the follow.


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