Today I have selected four pictures of flock of birds having a good time whether they are playing in the water or they are flying above the tress or just sitting quietly on the electric wires in rows. Enjoy


  Marilyn invited her friends to accept this challenge. I liked this concept. So here I am, with my choices of B & W photos which I would be sharing in a span of five days.It turns out that no one is quite sure where this challenge originated, but everyone seems to be enjoying it. It’s got only two rules:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using one of your photos in B&W. It doesn’t have to be new or any particular subject. Just black and white.
2. Each day, invite another blog friend to join in the fun. The hard part is finding people who haven’t done it already, and would like to play.


On second day I invite my friend Sweetykannoth to accept this challenge. Presently she is on vacations and enjoying the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh,India. I am sure by now she must be having a great collection of pics from that part of India. It would be fun to see those ones.



  1. Lovely pictures…Thanks for inviting me…But I was invited for this challenge by two other blogger friends and because of internet restricitons I had put up aa single post of 5 b/w pictures. Would love to do this challenge again whenever I find a stable connection 🙂

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