Dear Prompt, Have you lost in the mist?

Sick of waiting for the fresh prompt…..

It is so irritating to wait for the prompt here in India since it shows up here in the evening when most of the folks gear up for the  evening walks and outings.  The working lot usually get stuck in the traffic jams during this time while on their way back to home sweet home. No stamina left after huffing and puffing at work place. It is 6:50 p.m. and the fresh prompt is not there.

How long one can wait so sharing the link of my yesterday’s response. Enjoy the nature in its glory.



    1. You made my day adorable granny ! By the time I published my post, today’s prompt flashed. I only linked mine and left it at that. Tarun was getting restless since he doesn’t want to miss our evening walks. By the way he loves reading your blog posts. Wish we meet soon. That would be the best day.


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