BYOB(OOKWORM): The Cloak of Mystery

I love reading books. Books are my best friends. They entertain me, guide me, transcends me to a different world, fulfill me and direct me towards spirituality. Some religious books act as a fuel for my soul. 

Few things never lose its shine and value and can be great hand-me -downs, books are one of them.

Today we are supposed to write the blurb for the book jacket I would write. I don’t know whether I would ever write a book but the thought can be expressed in few lines of a book which I would write ( if ever I will )


The Himalaya is not a not a mere mountain range for Hindus. It is a belief, a faith for them. It may be a tourist destination for the world but for certain group of people it is the Abode of Gods, Abode of Lord Shiva. For ecologists it is a place of variegated richness, a source of some of the greatest rivers, home to an amazing variety of flora and fauna while for spiritual souls it is a dream pilgrimage. From times immemorial, there has been a  mystique, an irresistible majestic beauty, a universal magnetic appeal about Himalaya. The highest mountain in the world has many moods, many facets which continue to mean different things for different people.
This book is an attempt to penetrate the mysterious Himalayas to unravel its mysteries. You will be seeking spiritual salvation in the lap of nature. I hope the book will not only be instrumental in acquainting the readers with the grandeur and natural beauty of snow peaked ranges, but will also awaken in them for nature and mother earth. They will appreciate the divine, unfathomable essence of the Himalayas.


  1. My mother didn’t pass me physical books, but she passed me a passion for reading and a love of ideas. Which has served me well. I did not know the Himalayas were home to the god. I hope my Ganeesha does not miss the mountaintop.


    1. If you believe in Hindu Mythology then yes. According to vedas and Puranas, Lord Ganesha is younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati therefore he has a home on Kailash Parvat, a famous peak on Himalayas. Kailash is also known as Abode of Shiva, happens to be the toughest Pilgrimage trek- Kailash and Mansarovar Yatra.


  2. I love to pass books down to my children when they are adults, and books to my grandchildren. One of my favorite children’s books I passed down was Miss Rumphius, about a lady who traveled the world, settling down in her old age. She had several things that she wanted to accomplish and one was to make the world more beautiful. She winds up planting fields and fields of lupines in Maine! It is based on a true story. Very nice, and beautiful watercolor pictures.

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  3. I had a very good business friend when I was working from Bombay. She was an engineer and she had a company with her husband and would often travel to Europe on her own on busiess. I knew her husband and later had the pleasure of meeting her son and his wife who would take over the business. Anyhow she told me of her climbing trip to the himalyas and I must say I was full of admiration. I asked the stupid question how she managed in her sari, but she laughed and said that for journey she was wearing trousers. My online friend from Katmandu of showed photos on his facebook page of the Himalayas which seemed to be in his back yard. What wonderful scenery you have.

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    1. The view is majestic from Katmandu. They actually look quite close. That’s where we are planning our next trip. I liked your sense of humor when you asked your friend that if she had climbed the Himalayas in her sari. All the three parts: lesser, middle and upper Himalayas are divinely beautiful.


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