180 degrees turn to visit an old house

DSC_9397 It was a special day ! A day rarely happens in our lives.

I got a chance to visit an old house of ours where my children spent their childhood. Being an army wife I must have stayed in more than twenty houses by now but I seldom got a chance to visit a house where we had stayed previously. Good memories of those houses are still fresh in my mind, revived time to time through photos.

Last month we drove down to a city, we were posted 14 years ago, to attend a get together of my husband’s course mates. We stayed there for two days. Third day we were supposed to visit our old neighborhood. I got ready wondering how the house would be looking after so many years,  In the meantime Tarun came announcing that we had to leave urgently for home as his  old pal was visiting us in the evening so we had to reach home soon. We were driving back within no time.

I was sad for not able to show my children an old bungalow constructed in 1940, during British era. That was before Independence of our country. British officers stayed in that house for few years. DSC_9399 We were little disappointed. Suddenly my husband took 180 degree turn and headed towards the location of our old house. It was such a pleasant surprise. Generally he doesn’t postpone his meetings like this but that day he reversed his decision for us. I asked,” If we get late then?” He replied,” He can always enjoy a drink from my bar till we reach. I have informed the buddy.”

Within minutes we were in front of the house. I was overwhelmed. I took out my camera and clicked few pictures.DSC_9391 The officer staying there saw me getting down from the car with camera and got inquisitive. I approached towards the gate. He came out to know the reason of us being there. Tarun introduced and shook hands with him. The gentleman was looking comfortable now and offered us a cup of tea. We met his wife and son. My children walked around the bungalow to revive the old memories. DSC_9398 All in all a memorable day for the family to cherish some moments of past. I thanked Tarun for this beautiful 180 degrees turn.

Three Lamas walk into a bar…..


Three Lamas walk into a bar

Dressed in red robes bright so far

Amazed to see the dim lights, dark ambience

People gave them weird looks as if done crime

Instead of butter tea they were served wine

Quickly they realized their mistake, left the bar

Relaxed on a bench, wondered mind ajar

Daily prompt: Fill in the blank

Family Music Is Hit


My son no.2 plays drums and I love to listen his creations. The music he composes is wonderful. I am a music lover, a trained Indian classical dancer I love to listen Indian classical and folk music.

Sorry I can’t share any video or mix tape as I am presently away from home spending time with my family, parents and in laws. I am in New Delhi and enjoying the company of my sisters. It is our home town. I logged in to check the daily post but disappointed to see the prompt. Anyways I had to say hello to my friends.

India is getting hotter day by day and with rising temperatures people are switching over to colder options. We are going to check the new food joints near my parent’s home. There are many new buildings come up all around. Development can be seen everywhere. I like these mega cities but my heart goes all for nature. Might be I have been living in close vicinity to nature throughout. Some of the houses where we stayed were actually part of the forest area ! I am enjoying daring Delhi and its heat !  See you all soon.

BROKEN TERRITORY ( Weekly Photo Challenge)

God created a planet green in color

Man created guns to paint it in red

Wars brought misery and destruction on earth.

He created boundaries, territories, restrictions no dearth

By doing this he thought himself to be powerful, a winner

The broken old viharas
Broken sculptures
The broken mountain
The broken mountain
The broken natural beauty divided into territories.
The broken ranges divided into territories.
The broken paths. Line of control.
The broken paths. Line of control.
The broken country, divided into two.
The broken country, divided into two.
The broken Bamboo shoots
The broken Bamboo shoots


Lingering Forever for Life


Childhood is always special.  I never wanted to grow as an adult. I wish I could linger on the pampering and care of my parents.  The taste of my mom’s food still lingers, I could never cook such delicious meals.

I still remember my first date with my love. Feels as if it happened yesterday . Oh ! I never wanted that ice cream to be melt which we both were lingering over.

His first touch had a lingering effect on my soul. The bond developed instantly. Ah, love at first sight it was.

I linger on the history and traditions for long whenever we travel to a new location. The fun and togetherness during such trips always have a long lasting effect on me.

There are other things also I lingered in…… the first sight of Mighty Himalayas, the taste of the first meal I cooked for my husband after our marriage, the sweetness of the song he sang for me, my first dance party and our first big purchase after we settled our new home.

I never wanted to leave Shillong, most beautiful city where we were posted one year before. The clouds, the greenery, the landscape, the warmth and energy of the place made me linger the experience for long. I wanted that beautiful stay for rest of my life but we belong to services therefore couldn’t stay there for long.

Beauty of Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh took my breath away. The effect is still lingering in my mind. I can feel the breeze blowing, clouds floating and mist enveloping the mountain ranges.

I wish I could travel more and more to explore the remaining area of that part of the country to linger on the traditions.

My dear friend baked a cake for me on my last birthday. My elder son was at home for Chrismas break, that doubled the happiness and joy of the event. I loved the smiling faces, flowers, wishes and moreover cherished the love I received from friends and family. The cake looked great, tasted so yummy. My sons polished it off within no time. I lingered over it……


Lingering continuing…….

Cee’s Fun Foto: Pairs all around

Here is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pairs

Placebo Effect: Treating King Size Ego

Daily Prompt: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?


I would cure egoistic, self obsessed individuals and treat their BIG egos for sure. Egos are larger than life, the only reason for conflicts and wars. Male ego is biggest and female ego is most dangerous than all. People lose their relations, friends, well-wishers because they cannot leave their egos behind.

Of course the treatment is painless but the procedure to make yourself ready for the treatment is painful. It requires commitment and some serious changes in one’s behavior. It needs strong will power and complete surrender for peace.

Meditation, knowledge, large heart, forgiveness are some of the tools available free of cost to shun old baggage of ego.

I advice you to sit in front of Lord, look into his eyes,

look at his face so calm with blissful smile,

connect yourself with him while disconnecting yourself from the worldly affairs at the same time.

Feel your inner self, mingle with God.

Soon you will realize that you are a part of that light, power, father whatever you call it.

Ask yourself, Who are you? You have no identity of your own. You are merely a ray of supreme light, a mortal body containing a immortal soul which finally meets its mother soul the moment this body would perish, then why to have so much self-importance?

Soon all your ego would melt and you will be a humbled, loved person free of sick ego….a soul, who is nothing but PEACE.

I think I would be able to bring some positive changes in lives of ego burdened people by curing them with this inexpensive treatment. Placebo effect, what’s say?