Family Music Is Hit


My son no.2 plays drums and I love to listen his creations. The music he composes is wonderful. I am a music lover, a trained Indian classical dancer I love to listen Indian classical and folk music.

Sorry I can’t share any video or mix tape as I am presently away from home spending time with my family, parents and in laws. I am in New Delhi and enjoying the company of my sisters. It is our home town. I logged in to check the daily post but disappointed to see the prompt. Anyways I had to say hello to my friends.

India is getting hotter day by day and with rising temperatures people are switching over to colder options. We are going to check the new food joints near my parent’s home. There are many new buildings come up all around. Development can be seen everywhere. I like these mega cities but my heart goes all for nature. Might be I have been living in close vicinity to nature throughout. Some of the houses where we stayed were actually part of the forest area ! I am enjoying daring Delhi and its heat !  See you all soon.


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