Eat Drink and Merry: Doing it in Mumbai

vivid colors of nature

Here comes the last leg of vacation. The rainbow of summer blooms look so striking. The roads of Mumbai are decked up in  Gulmohar, Bougainvilleas blooms. Time to eat,drink and merry. 

I am in Mumbai to drop my elder son back to his college. He will be going to his hostel tomorrow.

Vacation time is so special. It seems that it is always less time to catch up with friends and relatives. Come what may, we are never satisfied with what we get.

Time flies ! I realized this when all of a sudden my sons started packing their bags for their school/college. It is bit disheartening but then that’s what life is all about. Struggles are part of a journey called ‘life’.

For next three to four days I will be in Mumbai. We would be celebrating my younger’s son birthday and have lots of fun to face  hectic days ahead. Happy sunday. Catch you all soon  🙂


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