Ingredients: Garnish it with cilantro

Fresh green leaves of cilantro work for me, Cilantro garnishing looks so fresh ! Smells so delicious ! The fresh green soft leaves gives a nice aroma to the food.

This is a main ingredient, gives a finishing touch to the Indian meal. Have you ever tasted crispy veg pakoras dipped in mouthwatering, spicy green coriander chutney? Yummy ! It improves the appearance and taste of red Indian curry.

I can skip other ingredients but cilantro is a soul to my palate. I love it so much that I grow it in my kitchen garden. Have a look.


If you cook Indian style food then you know how to use it.  I am sure you must be putting it in stuff paratha filling, dal and sabzis  You can also add it in salads, sandwiches and soups to enhance the taste.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some green cilantro and spell the magic in your kitchen.

In the mean while I will catch on my sleep. I am so tired after my Mumbai trip and I need proper rest. From tomorrow I will be back in my routined life, school and work will eat most of my day.  All good things come to an end and so are vacations…….


    1. You are not supposed to pluck it from roots. Just pluck it with the fingers or with a knife/blade leaving half stem intact for new growth. No need to throw the tender green stems. Wash it properly and chop it off finely to use it as garnish.


      1. I do not grow my own cilantro, so when I buy it from the store the tedious part id separating the leaves from the stem.. do I understand that the stem can also be chopped and used ? thank you for the instruction.

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    1. You can grow it in a very little space with little care. I have grown it in buckets also when got a first floor house. I prefer a ground floor house since I grow stevia, lemon grass, mint and other useful herbs.


  1. The last time I tried to make Indian curry, it was so hot I couldn’t eat it. Other people said it tasted good, but I couldn’t taste anything past the pain in my mouth. I haven’t learned how to make things a little hot without making them hot enough to melt steel 🙂 I think I need a cookbook for Americans 🙂

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  2. For years I used to put it in every Indian dish I made, which is pretty much every evening. My husband likes it if I put lots of it but if he is away on tours I can eat sabji, daal or stuffed parantha without any green coriander. He’s also not fussy anymore. Of course I still use dry coriander (sookha dhania)

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    1. Dry coriander is as good as the fresh one but both have distinct flavors. So nice to know that your husband likes lots of it. Thanks for sharing your opinion and contributing to my post. Smiles, Rashmi.

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  3. I love cilantro! When I make my chili verde I always chop the denser bottom stems and throw them into the stew. Makes it greener and gives it flavour. You have inspired me to try coriander chutney, now.

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