Abode of Clouds

Few days back Paula has thrown us a challenge: Cloudscape. 

I wanted to participate but could not publish a post in time since I was away from home.

Therefore I am giving a late response to one of my favorite topic- clouds.

I love fluffy, light and puffy floating clouds. Even the grey and black look so dramatic to me.

While I was staying in Shillong, Meghalaya ( means abode of clouds) I had an opportunity to enjoy the different moods of clouds day in day out.

Here are my choices,  you might have seen some in earlier posts.DSC02224


100_6668 IMAG1735 DSC02223 DSC_3672 DSC_3637 DSC_4144 DSC_2382


DSC01696 DSC02221 DSC02213 DSC05930 DSC01855


  1. Fascinating all of these photos. I have a favourite here too, and I will display it on my post now. I don’t mind your being late when you come bringing such beauty with you. Thank you very much and blessed Sunday.

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  2. Gorgeous clouds! I’m so sorry I missed this challenge … I’m not sure how, but sometimes, I get so much mail I just don’t see everything. You have the most luscious color in your photographs!!


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