The Early Years: As told before

Dreams, passion, agony, struggles, laughter
Love, soulmate, family, mother, wife, daughter
Kids, travel, camera, cooking, blogging, I’m a charmer
Done with my autobiography, a tad faster.
The early years were sweet, act as a reminder
This is my life, my choice,  I’m the master !
My life is like anybody’s life, not very eventful
So writing an autobiography would be wasteful.


  1. ‘hehehe’ – You are you and nobody else are as you are – so your life aren’t like anybody’s life, you are right “I’m the master” – and you are good in that role, keep on – we never have to say “Sorry I am me” – as long as we give other the same respect as we want ourselves so our lives are very eventful – isn’t it.? 😀

    So I really always enjoy visiting your place here… 🙂

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    1. Yes Yes ! I’m proud of what I’m. To tell you frankly writing an autobiography is not my cup of tea and moreover who will read my story? I admire when you say ” give other the same respect as we want for ourselves.”

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    1. I like to talk about my travel experiences and positive things rather than writing an autobiography. Some prompts are not interesting to respond. This was one of those but one thing is for sure…so far so good !


  2. Every person’s life experiences are unique or so I believe, so I am sure each person’s autobiography is interesting and different from the others’. That is what they say, when we die and the good book of life is opened, we will know what our life has been and it will make a very interesting read.

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