Nature in Black & White

This time Paula’s Black & White sunday theme is NATURAL – it can be nature in general, human nature or anything in between. Before I could think of anything else, Marilyn Armstrong came out with a lovely response to this one. She shared her naturally monochrome photographs of winters in New England. My post is inspired by her remarkable work.

IMG_0723These photos show nature in black and white and I haven’t processed or used any effects while capturing the shots. Enjoy the snow-covered peak in naturally monochrome. That’s how it looks like when dawn cracks.JENI TMG 040DSC_8158The sea looks calm and serene at dawn. DSC_8162DSC_8160DSC_5582full moonFull moon behind the pine trees.DSC_8517Mist, trees and langurs at dawn. A black and white scene.
%0A					_002Love and protection comes naturally to mothers.


  1. Well, if you stole the idea, you sure did something special with it. Wow, what glorious pictures. Natural monochrome has a wonderful subtlety that you can never get using software. Gorgeous. I’m particularly fond of the big mountain and the monkeys!

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  2. Beautiful 🙂 You chose nature’s natural black and white. I love it SnS, and am particularly drawn to the last tender photo of a female monkey and her offspring. Thank you for this beautiful offering. I hope that your are having a good week.

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