Antique Sculptures of Lords in Old Sepia

In response to: Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Sculptures, Statues, Carvings

Life is all about learning. We all learn since it is a continuos process. Some people inspire you so much with their work that you instantly want to grab the tool to learn that particular art and technique. It happened with me yesterday.

I was instantly motivated to capture the sculptures in natural light. Thanks for the encouragement Marilyn. I don’t know how much perfection I could bring in these photos but more than that I enjoyed the whole process of learning.

Enjoy these pics taken and posted as it is except little bit of cropping.

Lord Buddha in relaxing posture
soulnspiritblog radha
Childhood love of Lord Krishna, Radha

soulnspirit bronze statue

Narasihma the famous incarnation of Lord Vishnu, wife Goddess Laxmi sitting in his lap


Click to enjoy Cee’s great photos along other responses.

Check Marilyn’s post here.


  1. Those are beautiful. Really excellent photographs. I know how hard it is. It looks to me as if you got the light just righ. I have a great fondness for Lachshmi. She and Ganeesh are my two favorites. I had a wonderful (huge) carved wood Lachshmi from a destroyed temple in northern India, but eventually, I moved her to a new home where they had more room. I miss her.

    You have some lovely bronze pieces. And you’ve done some fine work!!

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    1. Thanks you for the feedback. You are the person behind this post. I tried hard to avoid shadows in my pics as you told. It has been satisfactory effort as a beginner.


      1. Working in bright shade gets you as close to studio lighting as you can get. Shadows distort the images. Actually, most people and things look best in bright shade. It’s more flattering than bright sunlight.

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