This is my earlier response to the topic GREEN @ Cee’s Fun Foto. Enjoy till I post new greens 🙂

Soul n Spirit

A big thank you to Cee for choosing  GREEN  color for this week’s  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. 

I love the spirit of green  It stands for mother nature, prosperity, life, earth,  spring time, fertility, happiness, progress and growth.

Green is the color of nature, as a nature lover I have been living in the natural environment, being away from civilization, enjoying the wilderness–wild animals, rocks, forest, beaches and always felt blessed therefore I did not have to search much for green images. I clicked these while I travelled or stayed at these beautiful places. Enjoy my choices of NATURALLY GREEN 🙂

DSC05324 Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

DSC05341 I could not miss it ! Wild fern in Kalimpong, West Bengal

DSC00607 A leaf from Srinagar, J & K, India

DSC02168 Magnificent Sweet Falls will take your breath away ! Shillong, India.

DSC02227 One of the most beautiful & memorable stay…

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  1. Oops, I meant sharing Cee’s theme of Green. I know those are your fantastic original photos. I was tired and accidentally started typing without editing, Rashmi. If you wish to delete the word sharing or that sentence, please feel free. I think your travels bring you to beautiful places. 🙂

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