Half and Half Makes It Beautiful

This week I’m sharing few images that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively.

In the first photo I have focused on composition like an eagle sitting on a rock and took a photo with an explicit  diagonal dividing line.

While capturing hills I wanted to bring clouds in other half. 


I tried to bring into balance two opposing visual elements — still and moving ( water and rocks)


The bottom half of the landscape shows color and sky shows its absence, JENI TMG 093

I took the theme in other directions like I zoomed in on clouds together to form a whole.

Hope you will like my choices of Half and Half. Enjoy few more.



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Soul n Spirit

I AM A spirited SOUL !!!! A happy, cheerful and positive one.

12 thoughts on “Half and Half Makes It Beautiful”

  1. That’s a helipad made on a mountain peak basically for Air force guys to land and take off from the post. I got it captured for good memories. The view was awesome from the top !


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