I got up in the morning, opened the door of my room to go in my lawn and what I saw there was absolutely wonderful. I exclaimed with joy,”WOW ! There is a new flower in my garden.”DSC_0651

I was so thrilled to see my striking two lipped-ray florets in red, orange and dark pink color.DSC_0652

Fresh gerbers against the green backdrop were looking lovely and vibrant ! DSC_0670I never expected such big size gerbera flowers here when I bought them from the local nursery. Probably good amount of manure and rains did the magic.DSC_0663

I just loved their texture and colors. Without wasting time I took out my camera to take picture of those blooms.

Enjoy the close ups of my precious gerbera flowers.DSC_0660


  1. We have to buy gerbera in the shops here, they would never grow wild in our gardens. I had one in a pot outside. When it stopped flowering I put it in the garden and a week ago it flowered again, just like the red one you have in your photo. they would never survive our cold winters, but we can always hope.

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