I have just come back from the weekend trek and believe me it was so much worth !

After all my wish has been fulfilled today in such a joyful way.DSC_0981

Since last eight months whenever I used to pass through a hillock on which a white temple was built, I used to find it so mysterious. I often thought that who must have built it over there on the top? How old was it? Who looks after the temple? DSC_0771

I asked Tarun that was there any way we could reach there. He promised me to take there and then we got busy in sight seeing, went to caves, monuments, markets etc. and the temple was not in the priority list but finally yesterday we both decided to go and pray there. It was a beautiful climb and the trek was really fruitful. My wish was granted. Lucky day for me. It was shining like a lucky star !DSC_0772

I’m very tired and after posting I will be off to sleep. Tomorrow is your day friends, I will read your posts and write comments. DSC_0820Good night.


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