Well, Then ! You May Call It Fresh Arrivals

They ask me about my personal style

My clothing style, my hair style

Heights of it ! Even my eating style ?

Who’s interested anyway ? b90be-banddolls_001

Today’s fashion is difficult to follow 

” LESS IS MORE” is the new logo

“If you have it, flaunt it” is the cry

Fashionistas gone beyond fusion

I’m still stuck with my classic styleIMAG2886

Haute Couture is not my choice

Day before I saw big fashion gurus 

I shouldn’t be saying this but……

They were quietly buying

Stuff from local handicraft shop

 Their own brand logo will be put later

A style icon will wear it …Ufff ! So HOT !!!


    1. Definitely it bothers. Especially when people just follow it blindly and don’t even check whether it suits them or not. Not necessary always less is more. At times it is too less. :0


  1. I love the look of sari. So graceful! My feet hate fashionable shoes and we made an agreement that I would never force them into a pair. My body was not designed for whatever passes for fashion now. Besides, I really dislike modern fashion. It’s so lacking in elegance or grace. And SO unflattering to most people.

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    1. Can’t avoid saris since it is our dress code in formal parties. I love wearing it when I have time. Mostly buy handloom and silks. I have left following modern fashion. It lacks elegance.


  2. Yeah my friend, are you telling me that the land of beautiful women – it all depends on the dress (sari) – I don’t believe you 😀 – okay seriously again, so I agree with you – and traveling are the perfect way, learning about our all wonderful worldwide “none look like what I knew” which makes us wiser – not only about our surroundings but about ourselves too… 🙂

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