Cee’s Peaches & Apricot: Wanna See Lots of it ?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Peaches and Apricot 

I have lots of peaches in and around my garden. Monsoon brings happiness to our faces and my flowers are glad too.

Enjoy the close ups of  my gerbera blossom.DSC_0647DSC_0651DSC_0667IMG_4075DSC_9704The apricot wall around a small rectangular water pool adds some more vibrancy.DSC_9452

The city also boosts of old medieval architecture which looks royal in peaches. The famous minar stands tall and translates the history of royal kings.

DSC_0534DSC_6917DSC_6949Beautiful sunset depicting shades of peaches.DSC_1131


    1. Orange one is ‘flamboyant tree’ or ‘Flame tree’ also known as royal poinciana. In India it is called Gulmohar tree. Yes, you right about the purple ones. Thanks for the visit and kind words.


  1. Rashmi, this post had gorgeous flowers (my Mom had Gerbera flowers in her garden, too) and the architectural photo of the anvient, tall spire was exquisite.
    I admire your yard and flowering trees and gadens, Rashmi. Blessings for you.

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