One word Photo Challenge: Snow All Around

I have a very close relation with snow since we have been staying in mountains more than plains.

Snow was integral part of our lives. We couldn’t avoid it even if we wanted to.

I loved it when I saw it snowing for the first time but I hated it as it started melting and we were locked inside for the days to come. It was so difficult with small kids, managing a house which was covered with 5 feet snow from all sides.

Nevertheless snowy world looks beautiful !

Here are my choices of this week’s One Word Photo Challenge: Snow



  1. Gorgeous pictures. That must be high up in the mountains. I love the pictures, but I’m not looking forward to winter again. I’m not ready. I may never be ready!!

    Are the mountains always snow covered?


    1. It was more than 10,000 ft. The peaks used to covered with snow through out but the mountains where we were staying recieved heavy snowfall during december to January. This was the view point in defence area.


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