Kohima’s Creepy Keeda Bazar ( Insect Market )

From Hornbill Festival to Creepy-crawly action of Keeda Bazar….Come and explore Naga Flavour with me….

Craziest things turn into tasty savories to relish them in snacks, though I would anyday prefer french fries….

Definitely not a place appropriate for a vegetarian, fussy eater and faint-hearted…..

Right from frogs jumping into plastic bags, pink woodworms, silk worms and larva,

Little wasps hatch in hives and snakes crawling in water…..

The market has it all from dogs to cats, beef to pork while Naga ladies casually weigh live snails, chewing betel nut.

But nevertheless, I showed the courage to visit this legendary keeda market being a vegetarian and believe me I was amused to  see the welcoming faces of shopkeepers. The vibrancy of this place kept me smiling while capturing these pictures. 

We could not spot eateries or food joints selling readymade insect fare as locals prefer buying them fresh to prepare at home.

Really a creepy experience !!!


  1. I’ll pass, thank you. Although I did once eat a chocolate-covered ant, thanks to my Dad who was always willing to try anything. All I could really taste was the chocolate, and the ant was crunchy. Still, I never wanted a second one.

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  2. Very creepy. I can’t even imagine anyone eating these. My father always teased about the chocolate covered ants. It took a long time for me to try chocolate covered raisins because I thought he was teasing and they were really ants. Nice share for this week’s challenge

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  3. Hi Rashmi, hope you were careful if you ate bugs. I have tried crispy ants covered by chocolate and another fried bug from San Francisco brought home by my Dad from business trip. Not really bad since could not tell it was bug. 🙂

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