Happy Community Delighted Farmers

We went for a drive and came back with lots of happy pictures. The locals, the farmers, the tourists all seemed to be delighted.

All is well in my community. Weather is great. People and farmers are happy. Rains are in plenty. The corn fields are prospering. The yield is healthy._DSC1506

Green is the color currently. The farmers are praying for more rains in coming month so that they don’t have to irrigate the fields. Looks like this year Maharashtra is going to have bumper crop season. Touch wood._DSC1458

You never know when the gentle showers turn into monstrous hail storm. We don’t want any thunder or lightening at this moment. Let the farmers reap the harvest after sweating and toiling in the fields. Let them sing and dance while they celebrate harvest festivals. Amen ! _DSC1453

Looking at the beauty all around a thought came to my mind that we have abundance of things to thank for. We may not be making lot of money but are making lot of life. One can always enjoy the gift of living in such green surroundings and fill one’s existence with jewels of life. _DSC1507We had our tea break. Enjoyed hot pakoras, roasted corns and drove back home. All is well in my neighbourhood and hopefully my community would love to see these green images. How about you?


  1. Love these green field photos, nice catpures! So many places in the world don’t get enough rain that they needed. California and Washington state are dry and burning, so sad…

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  2. Fantastic crops – hope the are the success they promise to be. It looks like you had good farming weather this year. It is so dependent on the weather. We had a hot dry summer and our famers had to search for their water, so a lot of the produce did not thrive. Farming is hard work but has it rewards as you can see from your beautiful fertile fields.

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  3. I am logging in today and hope all is well. The beauty in your community, fields lucious with green, and blessings in other growths sustaining all who go to fresh markets. So wonderful to see the photos and hear positive results of rain, Rashmi. Hoping no hail, but here we enjoy the unique golf ball sized ice balls. Strange anomalies.

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