Popping Up Pills would be a Worst Nightmare

IMG_1055I would surely go for a pill to increase my work efficiency if not for nutrition. My hands are full with work. There are days when I do just nothing and then all of a sudden I’m deeply involved into planning and excetution of events.

Neither I’m bad at multi tasking nor this is the first time to do things simultanously but at times the tight schedule kills the fun and participation. I wonder how often social engaements clash with professional commitments. Since wednesday I’ve been in a spin. Running to work place in the morning, attending an event in the afternoon and planning for coming events in the evening. I even was not able to blog yesterday. It can be a worst nightmare if I’m not able to access my blog.

The madness will continue for few more days. We both husband and wife will be running from one event to another. It is easier said than done. We won’t be able to go for our weekend trek also. We used to look forward to such events while we were party animals. Not any more. We both enjoy to spend our days the way we want and not the way it is designed for us.

Despite being so busy I wouldn’t go for red and blue nutrition pills. Not even for a day !IMG_1054

Fresh crunchy veggies would be my pick. No matter how much tired or busy I’m, I would love to indulge in quality food rather than popping up pills. No artificial food for me. I want to feel, taste and chew my food. The aroma of freshly baked cake cannot be compensated by anything else.

Let me savor the life. I want to bask in flavours forever.

In response to Serendipity Photo Prompt # 19: Nightmare on Yawkey way

Traditional Maharashtrian food
Traditional Maharashtrian food


  1. When I used to work obscene amounts of hours, I would bring bags of celery and carrots with me in ziplock bags to snack on, celery has high water content and carrots had vitamins so it was like eating meals through the day but not snacking on other stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Reading that returned me to my working days when I had to do what I had to do and not what I wanted to do. I now have it all behind me, less stress, my stress today is self made. I don’t think I would have wanted a pill to relieve it all in the past. That’s life as it is and now I am at the stage where I try to omit the pills I should take. Enjoy life when you can. Eventually you realise they were the good old days, full of action and expectations.

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    1. You are right. We must enjoy all stages of life but now I feel Im losing interest in proving myself that I can do all. I want to be absent from the scene and enjoy my world of relaxation.


  3. Yup, nothing a good old healthy smoothie or veggies can’t fix!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hey did I tell you I really like the new look of your blog? Looks fantastic ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you have a great week ahead โค


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