A good day for Gray Langurs

It was sunny and bright day having a clear sky. The dry spell after the constant rains was enough to tempt these gray langurs to come out and enjoy the warm sunlight. 

It is a good day
It is a good day

I went for a weekend trek and found the old world monkeys chillaxing under the tree. Have a look. 

Monkey's day out !
Monkey’s day out !

They were relaxing and resting. I caught them while taking a nap. Feeling sleepy, eh?DSC_0611

It was really a good day for them since they were posing smartly for the photo shoot. I went close and all the time I was thinking to run fast holding my camera if anyone of them would ever jump on me.DSC_0609

Nope, no voilence from other side. They were just not interested.

All said and done I enjoyed this photo shoot of langurs. DSC_0598


  1. Those are truly marvelous wildlife pictures, made more marvelous by those being actually wild and not in a zoo or in some other way enclosed. They are very handsome animals. Are they as big as they look? It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but they long tall and rather strong. I bet they are also very fast so I too would have been wary of getting so close to them. Really excellent photography. Those of the best pictures of Gray Langurs I’ve ever seen. You could send them to National Geographic. Fine work.

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    1. Really ? O wow ! I loved your comment and you were so quick to tell me all this. A big HUG and THANKS a lot. They are big and strong. Bigger than a monkey for sure. They slap really hard if in foul mood but don’t do until you tease them. They were particularly sober.


  2. I suppose they are so used to the paparazzi that they have no need to get close huh! one does wonder though what they actually see when they see us, do they see evolution or something absolutely different? 🙂

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