Chand Minar @ Daulatabad from every angle

Last month I visited the famous Deccan fort which is not very far from my home. I enjoyed both trekking and photography that day. I clicked the famous minar from every angle which is located inside the fortified area.

A Brief Introduction

Chand Minar is at Daulatabad. It was built in the Turkish style in 1435 by Ala-ud-din Bahmani to celebrate his occupation of the fort. This minaret is an outstanding example of Islamic art.

This 30-metre high tower is divided into four storeys. It has 24 chambers and a small mosque at its base. It is covered with the Persian blue tiles that make the Chand Minar outstanding.

Path passes bastions; studded gates, a drawbridge and the Chini Mahal, where Abdul Hasan Tana Shah, the last King of Golconda, was imprisoned in 1687 for 13 years are the important attractions of the tomb. There is also a 6.6m long ‘Kila Shikan’ (Fort Breaker) iron cannon on the bastion. source:

Read about my detailed post with photos of this majestic medieval fort. The Impregnable Daulatabad Fort 

My first entry for the topic is Hard work from every angle


    1. You have used appropriate adjectives for the tower Robin. So glad to see you on my pages after a long gap. I thought about you often and then assumed that you were busy with your grand children. Thanks for the kind words as usual. Lots of love and smiles.


    1. I was clicking and my husband, Tarun was after my life that I must walk fast and not waste time in photography. When he treks he doesn’t like to take long breaks.. I did not budge from there until I got few pics from different angles.Glad to share them with you.


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