Handwritten notes: Still writing

I write while my son trying to read, 9 years old pic.

All over the world the feelings are typed and send through fancy gadgets

Smart, sleek mobiles replacing the old type post-cards

Presentations, on line shopping, budget and shopping

Everything in platter but I still use hands to write

You should ask me rather when was the last time I didn’t write by hand.

Being an educationist and teacher is it possible not to write notes by hand?

Not to sign the assignments and give remarks? No, I can’t be away from art.

Though blackboard is passe but still a powerful teaching aid when not using smart board.

I don’t like printed message on birthday cards. Rather I prefer a handwritten invitation card.

Printed message lacks the personal touch. It looks neat but fails to touch the chords.

Therefore I make sure that I send handwritten wishes through cards, e-card is the last option.

I love to write some important quotes or lines from the book I am reading.

So all said and done I still smell, touch paper and hold pen ! 


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