The Fun Platform for Golden Oldies

childhood, youth and old
childhood, youth and old

If I was the leader of the country, transforming fun into annoyance

I would change the plight of old people who seek no rejoice

Abandoned by children, lonely and depressed, left with no choice

I would bring fun into their lives by bringing the much needed solace

Lots of laughter, company of grand children, no anger or irritation

Older lot would be the happiest ones with full supply of protection

Dedication to make a fun filled world for oldies would be my endeavor 

Golden oldies deserve the love and respect from each family member

As the leader of the country I would create the awareness for a noble cause

They won’t be taking shelters in old age homes as they would be their own boss

The Fun Platform


  1. This post truly reflects what a beautiful pure heart you have. It is depressing how children are abandoning their old parents these days. They prepare the same hell for themselves in which they send their own parents. I wish they give them all the respect they deserve. Loved your beautiful poetry.
    It is sad, But it is true. There SHOULD be something for these old butterflies.

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