DSC03505_001It’s Halloween toady an evening before All Saints Day

Children are all set to play trick- or- treating in their own way

As the land begins to die, it is a festival of dying year

When the days are shorter and the nights colder

The leaves fall and the witchy creatures are out

I am expecting whiz kids to scare me, wizards and demons

For that they have to learn witchcraft, mount on broom

Overcome the dark wizard Lord Voldemort

Initiating the triduum of Allhallowtide

Dedicated to remembering the dead wide eyed

Revolving around the theme of using’ humor and ridicule

To confront the power of death, Isn’t it cool !images-43

Nothing Will Go Wrong


So here I,m……busy in preparations of tomorrow’s BIG fasting day and that is “Karva Chauth” ! 

Nothing can go wrong since I am going to take care of each and everything. After all not all days we Indian wives keep fast for our husbands that too a difficult one ! Phew !!!

On this ‘One day festival’ married ladies keep fast from sunrise to moonrise for their husband’s safety and longevity. Yes, without water and food throughout the day ! It is not forced on any woman. Its entirety her choice how she wants to keep fast depending on her faith and health status. 

Now that;s the Murphy’s Law when you know you are not supposed to drink water till moonrise and suddenly my sons will offer me a sip of their coke. My dear husband will request ten times to bring something to munch from the kitchen….who’s going to tell him that I can put a cookie or a piece of potato wafer in my mouth too while bringing it for him.

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” My cook would try his level best to serve me a glass of chilled water as usual once I come back from school. He would cooly forget the previous day’s instruction given by me,” NOONE WILL SERVE OR ASK ME FOR WATER TOMORROW , OKAY ” They would show all the concern on this particular day.

Though we don’t mind even if we remain hungry for a day, especially when we get exclusive gifts, love and pampering from husband and other members of the family. THIS IS OUR DAY…… The great Indian wives 🙂 but you never know anything can go wrong and we have to be very careful.

Red is the color of the day. Wives mostly wear all shades of red, pink, orange, magenta and crimson. Even green is pretty common in some states of India since they all are colors of marriage and bride.

We wear new bengals, dress preferably sari, make up to look like a bride. This is the day we apply henna on our hands and feet.

Hands decorated with henna or Mehendi are considered to be auspicious in our part of world. It is said that when daughters, daughter in laws decorate their hands with intricate patterns of Heena or Mehendi during festivities or pooja, it brings wealth and prosperity at home.

O yes, my maid’s daughter is going to come in a short while to put it on my hands. After that I won’t be able to comment on your posts till it become dry which will take few hours so I will do it tomorrow. I will do it for sure as I don’t have to do anything tomorrow except looking pretty, decked up in jewelry and wait for the moon to appear. Tarun is not here so I will open my fast by looking at his photo. sob sob….. Anyway it keeps on happening in defence. Here she comes! And I’ll see you tomorrow…

Scared of Hospitals and Diseases

icu-in-india-hospitalI am too scared of hospitals and I hate going to doctors. 

The smell, the syringe 

needles, overflowing fluids

Open wounds, pain and screams

Panic, prayers, fearful some

Oh, I faint at the sight of blood

Nurses, OT, ICU, MI Rooms

Laboratories, equipments

Blood, medicines, 

Expression on doc’s face

when he tells his diagnosis 

Hearing with pale face

Pounded heart, sweated body

I almost feel dead near mortuary 

God, please keep me away from hospitals

They are only good to visit new born babies

If I ever have to go for check-ups

I pray and pray, thank heaven

So dreadful the thought of admission

No, I never want to be under observation.

# Fright Night


How hard I may try 

I still  feel shy 

I want to leave my ego

 The last thing to let go 

Struggled, tried to smash

Tussled to avoid ego clash 

Alas ! Not succeeded 

I’m so engrossed to sing 

The song of “I ME MYSELF”

Resentment set in, rime turf

There were happy beginnings

And smooth endings

But Ego is one thing

Difficult to retreat 


Satire? Warm welcome to a Wrinkle

I woke up one day and realized……OMG !

I had a new wrinkle on my face close to my right eye !

 I was looking ten years older than what I was the previous night. I sulked but quickly I gathered my courage and told myself,

“Cool down Rashmi ! Beyond the initial shock, nothing great is going to happen in my life”…. Read an open letter to my new monsterous wrinkle


Dear new Wrinkle,

I wish to extend my apologies that I could not show you my excitement and anxiety at your arrival which you deserved. I was unprepared for this date but then you only decided to visit me on a spur of a moment. Though bit uncomfortable with your presence it was certainly not all hell broke loose for me after meeting you.

Since I didn’t mind your unanticipatedly landing but let me apprise you with some facts and conditions before you start feeling at home. You must not expect any special treatment here at my expanse. No pampering and extra care will be extended to you. Be my guest and enjoy the hospitality extended to other aging agents members.images-15

You have to share space with my grey hairs camouflaged with rich hues of plum shade, to feel comfortable with my eyes losing sight slowly, to bear with my expandable waistline reluctant to reduce further despite crash diets, to be friendly with my sluggish metabolism and Yes… please bear with my skin sending warnings to sag anytime. There will be few more, like Miss.Double chin ever excited to pose while being clicked and dear show spoiler belly fat who simply refuses to leave me.

All my permanent guests live in peace and harmony with each other. Why I am telling you all this ? …… To make you aware of the fact that I am not going to run from pillar to post to get rid of you. It is neither disturbing nor depressing for me as I am perfectly at ease in your company.

You must be thinking,”How can I be so insensitive to you?” Sorry for my callous behaviour at the same time wish to inform you that my family,friends and well-wishers love me for what I am and not How I look at a particular age. Who is going to notice you at all except me ? Few wrinkles on my neck and face cannot dilute my status to an old wrinkled leather bag which has outlived its utility. So chill out my friend !

You don’t stand a chance to distract me as well as interfere in my daily course of things. Literally no time to count my wrinkles after whole day’s toil and sweat. My endeavor would be to indulge in productive things.

Rest is fine. I have some important tasks to accomplish, some challenges to meet and have fun. Feel at home. Hope you enjoy your stay with me. Looking forward to a healthy association. Wish you good luck.

Yours lovingly……

The Spirited Soul 🙂

Canines and Felines

I have many fellow bloggers and friends who have pets in their family. Or should I say their pets are their family. Are furry creatures their most prized possessions? No, as Martha said today in her post that canines and felines bring pride and joy to their humans. They are friends and family.

Recently we went to our friend’s place to spend some time with them. When we reached there we were greeted by their pet dog and a kitten. They both were very playful. The way the couple took care and pampered their furry kids was unbelievable.  I happened to click few pictures of both the pets who were pride and joy for them. Enjoy the pictures.

Carefully Woven Live Root Bridges of Meghalaya

They are live, gain strength each day, marvel of nature, bless the tribals, live in perfect harmony and pride of Meghalaya.

Yes, I am talking about the centuries old live root bridges which is a tribal art of carefully manipulating the roots of a tree into a live bridge, basically for the commuting purpose to cross rivers and streams. 

DSC02805Khasi people have been trained to grow these bridges across the raised banks of streams to form root bridges made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree, which produces a series of secondary roots that are perched atop huge boulders along the streams or the riverbanks.


Stones and banyan tree roots provide strongest path to cross rivers and streams.
Stones and banyan tree roots provide strongest path to cross rivers and streams.

These root bridges are located in and around Cherrapunji/Sohra, Meghalaya, the wettest state of India. Some of these root bridges are more than 150 years old and strong enough to carry 50 people or more at a time. Take a look at one of the most beautiful and not so easily accessible root bridge…….


The life span of these bridges are around 500 to 600 years after they are well formed ( take ten to fifteen years to be fully functional) and are strong enough to take load of the daily functioning and commuting of locals out here. Some of which are over a hundred feet long, more long lasting than metal or wooden ones which gets destroyed due to massive rains this area receives.DSC04947_001