Canines and Felines

I have many fellow bloggers and friends who have pets in their family. Or should I say their pets are their family. Are furry creatures their most prized possessions? No, as Martha said today in her post that canines and felines bring pride and joy to their humans. They are friends and family.

Recently we went to our friend’s place to spend some time with them. When we reached there we were greeted by their pet dog and a kitten. They both were very playful. The way the couple took care and pampered their furry kids was unbelievable.  I happened to click few pictures of both the pets who were pride and joy for them. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Your featured photo is priceless! I love it. Your doggie friend looks so much like my Frida! I thought of saying my dogs, but they are really not a possession. If anything, I am their possession–ha. So, I chose my house, that contains us all. The dogs are what help to make it a home. xo Judy

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      1. P.S. My husband fell in love with it instantly, too, and within seconds of entering, said, “Oh yeah, Jude! Let’s buy it!” This from a man who didn’t even want to be in Mexico for the entire first week we were here. By the second week, he’d decided we needed to buy a house. By the seventh week, he’d found the one he wanted to buy. And in spite of my initial reaction to the suggestion, we did. And I’m glad.

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    1. Thank you.Truly speaking I captured these pics to share with you since you suggested me once to share Indian felines. I am not as good and fast as you. By the time I grab my camera felines run away. This one was a pet and we were staying with them so got few.


    1. These two animals were unbelievably responsive, highly obedient and so adorable. I felt like bringing them in my home but I would be probably not as good as my friend when it comes to take responsibilty.


  2. I had a dog with my ex gf way back in my teenage years, she had 7 cats and though they drove him crazy? at the end of the day he would nap with them, there’s a certain bond that keeps them together 🙂


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