How hard I may try 

I still  feel shy 

I want to leave my ego

 The last thing to let go 

Struggled, tried to smash

Tussled to avoid ego clash 

Alas ! Not succeeded 

I’m so engrossed to sing 

The song of “I ME MYSELF”

Resentment set in, rime turf

There were happy beginnings

And smooth endings

But Ego is one thing

Difficult to retreat 



  1. Ego isn’t such a bad thing in the real world. I know it is “bad” in Buddhism and Hinduism, where annihilation of “self” is sought … but as long as we need to function in society, ego enables us to have a sense of our own worth, to accomplish things, to stand up for our principles. It’s a balance. Not an easy balance to find, for sure.


    1. Look I told you this before, you not only inspire me but guide me too. I used to feel that why all gurus, saints and great spiritual leaders emphasise so much on leaving ego. I at times don’t understand the concept of alter ego though I know the meaning. Actually you concluded it so aptly that the balance is required & that’s difficult to strike. At times people misunderstand us as egoistic couple whereas we both just stand for something which is right. Tarun is a principled man and he pays the price and a label of aloof, ego driven soul. He says its not my ego, its just the way I m . I mean he cannot change with the changing definitions. Thanks for showing the difference.


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