Companionable: Happy Halloween !

So what if I live in east. I can also celebrate Halloween in my own way. This carving & flower arrangement is an effort by me for my son to have a feel of the festival. The inspiration came from my favorite blogs, their penultimate posts were mostly related to Halloween talks. So here is my contribution/ addition or call it a companion piece to their posts 🙂


Wizards, demons, vampires
Trick-or-treat on the way
Weird costumes to admire
Ghosts, witches love this day
My pumpkin ghost is all set
Let the kids arrive
I m waiting with my bowl full of candies.

Now I too can say – Happy Halloween…Boo !


  1. You are more halloween than I am. The only halloween thing you see in Switzerland are the collection of various sorts of pumpkins and gourds displayed outside the farms. On the day after, All Souls Day, people go to the cemetery to visit the departed and lay flowers on the graves. We have no tricks or treats-

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    1. As I said here in India we have only Halloween theme parties, decorations and get togethers wearing related costumes. I doubt who participate actually know about the history behind it. People like got to know so much through my friends here on Blogosphere. I will share All Souls Day of our local graveyard in today’s prompt.


  2. You captured the spirit of Halloween in your own way. In the Middle East, during the season of Ramadan, they have a sort of ” trick or treating” for children, called Garangao. In a global world, it is great to embrace new cultures and their traditions. Wonderful work.

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. How nice the tradition of Garangao. Yes have got the pulse here by saying the world global & as global citizens we must adapt what brings happiness and fun in our lives.

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